You really need to stretch the mind when it comes to cupcakes as there’s not much you can’t do when it comes to decoration, but if you really can’t imagine a beautifully sculptured, elaborately iced cupcake then you only need to take a look at The Great British Bake Off, the show currently taking over our screens.

Cake baking is a time-honoured tradition, and we’re always going to enjoy something simple and homemade, but we all still enjoy the sugary decorations and presentations which sell the sweet dream to us. The simplest vanilla sponge cupcake can be transformed into something that’s quite visually and artistically impressive through a little creativity, a few sprinkles, some colourful frosting and last but not least, some edible accessories.

The Great British Bake Off has inspired many to don their aprons and brandish their rolling pins in the hopes of mastering baking, but what of the art of cupcake decorating? The art of baking the cupcake is something that can be learned and practiced at home, but when it comes to the art of cupcake decorating, a little help goes a long way.

If you fancy learning the secrets and skills required to create professional-looking cupcakes in the space of a few hours, then Poppy Greens Home has some pre-baked cakes waiting for you to ice and decorate. All beginners welcome. Learn how to make butter cream icing, experiment with piping, emboss fondant icing and make decorations crafted from sugar.

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