Beautiful Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

October 21st, 2014|

There’s a sort of freedom involved in painting your own furniture, especially when painting with the exquisite range of Annie Sloan chalk paint. The versatility of the Annie Sloan chalk paint is renowned, and if you’re keen to start exploring painting with furniture then you can’t fail with Annie Sloan and you certainly can’t […]

Annie Sloan drop-in workshops

October 7th, 2014|

Have you always longed to roll up your sleeves, don an apron and get painting, painting, painting? Have you always wanted to paint your own furniture? If so, why not attend a drop-in workshop led by Annie Sloan-trained Lesley from Poppy Greens Home?

The Annie Sloan drop-in workshops available at Poppy Greens Home will allow […]

Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint  

September 22nd, 2014|

Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint  

For those keen to develop their paint-brushing abilities and breathe new life into stale furniture, your best bet is to become acquainted with the acclaimed range of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.

You can do this by turning up to a drop in workshop at Poppy Greens Home. Here you can have […]

Chalk Paint Courses

September 4th, 2014|

Chalk Paint Courses       

Annie Sloan came to develop her own distinctly decorative paint in 1990, for at the time there was no other paint available with the properties she required. ‘Chalk Paint’, as it became known, is so-called because of its chalky, matt finish. This paint was developed primarily for the purpose […]

The Art of Cupcake Decorating

August 19th, 2014|

You really need to stretch the mind when it comes to cupcakes as there’s not much you can’t do when it comes to decoration, but if you really can’t imagine a beautifully sculptured, elaborately iced cupcake then you only need to take a look at The Great British Bake Off, the show currently taking over our screens.

Cake […]

Braided Flex Cables

August 6th, 2014|

Braided Flex Cables   

Braided flex cables are designed for period style restoration work on lighting and electrical appliances as well as modern light fittings. An inexpensive means of wiring, braided flex cables are perfect for decorative lighting.

At Poppy Greens Home we have a selection of braided flex cables in an array of different colours, […]

Antique Child’s Toys

July 31st, 2014|

Antique Child’s Toys   

Toys are ornaments for the imagination; physical objects that children can use in creating their own unique worlds. Toys don’t have to be constructed of expensive materials, they don’t have to be complex in design, they just need to fuel a child’s imagination, and the simplest toys are often the best.

Antique […]

Where to Buy Vintage Drawer Handles

July 23rd, 2014|

An interesting drawer handle can make all the difference to a tired and cheap-looking chest of drawers. Brass handles, classic pulls, glass knobs, cup handles, ring pulls and bail pulls are all necessary but decorative items which will instantly increase the aesthetic value of any piece of furniture.

Never underestimate the transformative power of quality […]

Antique Chandeliers Online

June 27th, 2014|

Antique Chandeliers Online

Nothing dazzles and distracts the eye more than an antique chandelier. Whether it’s an 18th century original in French crystal or a retro hanging glass light circa 1955, we can all appreciate a chandelier.

The chandelier still serves a purpose in modern homes, even if your home employs a modern, minimalist aesthetic. In […]

Antique Lighting Online

June 16th, 2014|

Antique Lighting Online

Lighting your home properly is an essential part of interior decoration, and it’s always important to have enough light in a room. From a purely aesthetic perspective, a lamp or light fitting should be practical and functional but it should also be appealing to the eye – if at all possible.

Antique and […]