Chalk Paint Courses       

Annie Sloan came to develop her own distinctly decorative paint in 1990, for at the time there was no other paint available with the properties she required. ‘Chalk Paint’, as it became known, is so-called because of its chalky, matt finish. This paint was developed primarily for the purpose of decorating floors, walls, doors and furniture, but adheres well to most surfaces. 

Are you keen to learn the techniques for painting furniture? Would you like to attend a drop-in workshop led by Annie Sloan-trained Lesley from Poppy Greens Home?

Poppy Greens Home offers Annie Sloan Chalk Paint courses to anyone interested in learning the basic skills and techniques needed to paint furniture. This course is also designed to allow candidates to gain the confidence and the ability to start work on their own painting projects. You’ll learn how to apply paints and waxes, how to create an ageing-effect, how to distress and how to add texture. You’ll also be able to experiment with every colour in Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint palette, including the newly-launched ‘Napoleonic Blue’, a rich, regal, cobalt classical blue with real depth of colour, and be shown how to mix paints to create your own personal colour chart.

Courses take place over three hours, and those interested can reserve a place via our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint courses page.

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint range brings splendour to even the most ordinary workaday furniture.