Braided Flex Cables   

Braided flex cables are designed for period style restoration work on lighting and electrical appliances as well as modern light fittings. An inexpensive means of wiring, braided flex cables are perfect for decorative lighting.

At Poppy Greens Home we have a selection of braided flex cables in an array of different colours, including Cyprus green, silver, black, burgundy and antique gold. These attractive flex cables are ideal for wiring table lamps, old radios, standing lamps and ceiling fittings. With lighting they can be used for chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and candelabra lights.

Choose the braided flex cable in a colour to suit your home interiors and we guarantee that these cables will add decoration and style to your home. Suitable for use with metal light fittings, it’s always more convenient if something which serves a functional, practical purpose is also aesthetically-pleasing.

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