Antique Child’s Toys   

Toys are ornaments for the imagination; physical objects that children can use in creating their own unique worlds. Toys don’t have to be constructed of expensive materials, they don’t have to be complex in design, they just need to fuel a child’s imagination, and the simplest toys are often the best.

Antique child’s toys are, unsurprisingly, different from the toys being made today. Today there’s a proliferation of mass market, brightly-coloured plastic toys being produced, while child’s toys of yesterday were often made of wood or metal, and a large number still exist.

Antique toys can be fascinating items – think an early surviving rocking horse or an early Victorian train set – especially if they are particularly old or if they have an interesting provenance. Antique child’s toys tell us something about the playrooms and the children of generations past. They allow us some insight into how different children might have lived, thought and felt through these objects which helped inform and entertain their childhoods.

At Poppy Greens Home we have a selection of antique child’s toys to choose from, including old teddy bears and metal toy soldiers, beautifully conditioned and waiting to be claimed.

Antique toys have enjoyed a resurgence in value, with collector’s willing to pay above the odds to get their hands on a piece of Stars Wars merchandise, and it’s often the ones you think might be the least valuable that fetch the most at auction.

Lesson one: look after your toys.